• DIY Article

    10 Easy DIY home improvement projects for beginners

    (BPT) – You don’t have to be a pro to tackle many home improvement projects. With a little elbow grease and a few smart tools, DIY novices can easily complete all kinds of household tasks efficiently and correctly. Here are 10 common DIY projects for …

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  • Cottage

    5 Ways to Keep Your Cottage Comfortable This Summer

    (BPT) – Although it’s officially summer, the fluctuations in temperatures, sporadic downpours and tornado-inciting weather would make you think otherwise. While many of us take the opportunity to hit the beach, lake or ranch during the summer for some rest and relaxation, cottage home improvements …

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  • Hello Spring 2017

    Hello Spring – Oh-So Southern

    Spring is about grilling out, fresh garden veggies and chilled desserts! Here are a few of my favorites I like to prepare when the weather begins to warm! BBQ & Bacon Chicken Kebabs 2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts 2 tsp. salt 1-1/2 tblsp. sweet …

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  • Home Improvement

    7 Home Improvements To Tackle Before You Move In

    (BPT) – You found the perfect home, so it’s not surprising that you want to move in as quickly as possible. However, there are some projects that are best done when the house is still empty. So, consider completing the following seven items before the …

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  • Strawberries Banner

    It’s Time For Strawberries

    As a kid, I can remember for a time my grandparents grew strawberries. Not the traditional way – somehow, Granddaddy found a way that took up less room and didn’t require squatting down to the ground to pick them. He planted them in what can …

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  • DIY

    4 DIY Projects For Your First Home

    (BPT) – “Where should I start?” It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves. DIY is a great place to start for new homeowners. DIY projects are very versatile – they can easily be adapted to your skill level, budget and desired project. With a little …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 07 14 At 1.54.50 PM

    Sweet As A Georgia Peach

    “This is the way Southern women worked – all peaches in cream laced with arsenic ” – Molly Harper, “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs” So no arsenic in this recipe (!), and if you get a chance to read Molly Harper’s Nice Girls series, you really …

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  • Summer Travel

    Summer Travel

    Summer vacation is upon us once again! What do we do to make good use of our children’s, or grandchildren’s, time ? One thing to realize is that you really only have about 12-18 summers and/or Spring Breaks to enjoy traveling with the children in …

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  • Going Green

    Tips For Going Green, Saving Green with Greywater Recycling

    (BPT) – Water conservation isn’t just for Californians and others who live in dry climates. Although the Golden State’s water woes grabbed headlines last summer, it’s not the only state potentially facing water shortages. Nor is it the only one where conservation-minded homeowners are turning …

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  • Early Start On Spring

    Getting An Early Start On Spring

    (BPT) – As soon as the first morning frost appears and the first snowflakes start to pile up, many begin looking forward to spring. Images of green leaves, red and orange blossoms, fresh vegetables and herbs help keep the cold winter days manageable as you …

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