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Prestigious Living Magazine is a premier Lifestyle Resource Magazine! Prestigious Living is a full-color glossy magazine featuring the best the First Coast has to offer when it comes to lifestyle trends including dining, health, beauty, interior and exterior design and more. Our goal is to provide consumers with great ideas for improving and enhancing their homes with page after page of professionally designed home improvement and décor advertising.

Dear Valued Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy Prestigious Living Magazine. We are proud to deliver this free magazine to your home featuring many categories of businesses that support a happy, healthy, and upscale lifestyle – objectives to which we can all aspire.

Although we’ve been mailing you for the past three years via Home & Decor IDEAS Magazine, our format change to Prestigious Living Magazine will now include many other of teh area’s finest businesses that support our lifestyle: fine dining, health & beauty, recreation and entertainment, and many others that represent the best the city has to offer.

We hope you enjoy Prestigious Living Magazine, and are able to utilize some of our business partners located within these pages. We welcome and encourage your feedback. Feel free to contact us with any thoughts or suggestions.

The Publisher




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2017 Issue Dates

Jacksonville, FL Issue Dates

  • Week of February 8th
  • Week of March 15th
  • Week of April 19th
  • Week of May 17th
  • Week of June 21st
  • Week of July 19th
  • Week of August 16th
  • Week of September 13th
  • Week of October 18th
  • Week of November 15th

Nashville, TN Issue Dates

  • Week of February 20th
  • Week of April 3rd
  • Week of May 8th
  • Week of July 31st
  • Week of September 4th
  • Week of October 30th

Albany, NY Issue Dates

  • Week of May 17th
  • Week of September 18th

Buffalo, NY Issue Dates

  • Week of April 3rd
  • Week of September 11th

Chicago, IL Issue Dates

  • Week of March 20th
  • Week of May 1st
  • Week of June 5th
  • Week of August 28th
  • Week of October 2nd
  • Week of November 13th